Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Strelitzia - Bird of Paradise

I thought that I would post a few things that have been a part of my life in the last few months. The Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise plants are the raddest exotic plants that I have ever seen (besides the hibiscus). So unusual in shape and not rare by any means in Durban. You see them everywhere yet I'm completely drawn by how exotic it is by shape and nature. (I'll try to post the photo if it didn't take so long to upload!). A new used bike so that I can cycle to the grocery store and back. Yessss... and Dude, this pooch that is in permanent retirement home at the Bluff. He is a great study buddy that sleeps on his mat and begs for food anytime he gets the change. I'll keep trying to load the photo but in the meanwhile, use your imagination. [update: looks like the upload works afterall!]


Erin said...

Silent but deadly deanna strikes again:
Isn’t that the flower/plant/tree that diga laid upon you(erin) post bad xmas sweater party????? Good thing when we get to SA we will be able to have the same funeral after a heavy night of safari drinking.

digtabulous said...

true oh so very true...this time you will have a bouquet of them from the neighbor's yard! digs