Sunday, March 26, 2006

Drakensburg Waterfalls & Lesotho

Last night, I came back from a two day trip of an amazing view of another part of South Africa called the Drakensburg. It is this amazing range of mountains with a completely flat top and green covering all around the 'burg. The deep crevices show where there were once rivers flowing from the top and all the lines of sedimentary rock that layer up like a cake. Tomorrow, I'll upload the photos from the trip. We drove up through Sani Pass, which can only be taken with 4x4. Our friend, Max, just had his Jeep shipped out from the UK so up we went on this trek. At the top of the mountain part where we reached, you arrive at the border of Lesotho which consisted of a flock of mountain goat, some decrepit gate and a building that said "Customs" and inside were 5 men all hovering the small fireplace. Oh yes, it was very chilly at the top at 2870M and what is at the top of the mountain: the highest PUB in Southern Africa!!! excellent.

We stayed at the Sani Pass backpackers and pitched tents for the evening. There were loads of people from Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Austria and others at the place. Since we stayed in tents it only costs 45R. We had a braii (bbq) with morrocan flavoured chicken and lamb sausages. The next morning, went over to the Sani Pass Hotel and at the back of the hotel, is a 15 minute trail walk to this waterfall where you can abseil or swim under the water fall. After a nice morning picnic on the river, we drove 3 hours back home to Durban.

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