Friday, February 03, 2006

Off to South Africa

After months of school preparation and non-commitment to this blog, I am opening up the flood gates of 2006 with new and exciting stories from South Africa starting next week. I noticed that as the day gets closer, people are getting excited around me for the trip yet I remain nervous and calm... I think it might be partly due to the unpredictability of whether I will actually get fully engaged and interested in the content of my studies, or if it will become a surf trip of a lifetime. I wish for both. To those I will see in New York this weekend, can't wait! To those I leave behind, you are doorsteps away from Durban. See you soon.

luv Kathleen

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Krista said...

Hey Kathleen. I love the idea of this blog. Can't wait to read all your epic tales.
xo Krista