Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Search

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I'm heading down to Oregon this weekend for a small surf trip along the coast. I have become super fond of this area south of Cannon Beach called Oswald West park because the camping is set up where you leave your vehicle at the lot and you bring your camp gear down to the site with wheelbarrows. Basically it is you, your neighbors, ocean and wilderness. It detaches yourself completely from dependence on the car stereo and the luxury of vehicles. Surfing makes you leave the confines of technology, work, and stress to reconnect with the vital component that keeps us alive - water.

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Some are brough inner peace waiting at sunset on a shore break, others an adrenaline build and mere satisfaction. For me, it makes me re-think. Why couldn't everyone have the chance to feel inner peace in their lives? Are people looking for it in the wrong places?

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Salima said...

yes, in the wrong places i do believe. I am in much need of inner peace.