Friday, July 08, 2005


So my former Vancouver roommate would like to inform me that there is a plain clothed "secret" police officer on the top of her apartment building in Edinburgh during the whole G8 summit. From her perspective, the town has become a bit eery with all the police on the streets and protesters / revellers scattered throughout the city.

She and her boyfriend also had the chance to see Live 8 concert last Wednesday at Murrayfield. Special guest appearance by Bono. You lucky girl!

So I have finally got my act together and looking to apply for a program in International Economic Development. Here we come paperwork, bureaucracy and fun. I am currently working on an essay making comments about one of these Articles:

Changing Patterns of Global Competition by Mike Morris - still reading about it... send your comments if you read it before me!


Growth, development, poverty and inequality by Julian May - an article about these general topics and South Africa's struggle to create policy fighting poverty and inequality.

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